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We love what we do

Road cycling mean team spirit, pain and pushing limits - but also passion, dedication and freedom. All these emotions flow into our helmets "Made in Italy". Because for us, "made with love" means experiencing the products for yourself. Find all these experiences of our ABUS Factory Racing Team here on this page.

ABUS Factory Racing takes on the Challenge: Riding the GameChanger 2.0 Across the Dolomites

At ABUS, we don't just create products; we put them to the ultimate test!

From September 4th to 10th, the picturesque landscapes of Italy bore witness to an extraordinary adventure – the Rad Race Tour de Friends X “ABUS Factory Racing”. A team of 24 ABUS colleagues from seven different countries embarked on this thrilling journey, pushing our GameChanger 2.0 aero helmet to its limits on the demanding stages of the tour.

Team ABUS Factory Racing tests the GameChanger 2.0 in the Dolomites ©Pia-Sophie Nowak

Why is this story worth sharing?

International Unity: Our team was a true representation of ABUS's global camaraderie, with colleagues hailing from seven diverse nations, spanning various departments. We came together to conquer challenges, both on and off the road.

Team ABUS Factory Racing tests the GameChanger 2.0 in the Dolomites ©Pia-Sophie Nowak

Passion for Excellence: At ABUS, we are passionate about what we do. We don't just create products; we meticulously test them under extreme conditions. The Rad Race Tour de Friends offered the perfect stage to put our GameChanger 2.0 through its paces.

Faster Forward: Our participation in this event perfectly aligns with our GameChanger 2.0 communication. The team experienced firsthand how the helmet performed during grueling ascents up to 3,500 meters and exhilarating descents. Stylishly decked out in GameChanger 2.0 helmets in Goldfish Orange, we showcased our unity against the breathtaking backdrop of the Dolomites.

Unity and Flat Hierarchies: Regardless of rank, from members of our owner's family to a young colleague from the helmet product management team, we shared the joy, the sweat, the burning thighs, and moments of pure bliss on the Tour de Friends.

Team ABUS Factory Racing tests the GameChanger 2.0 in the Dolomites ©Pia-Sophie Nowak

Made in Italy: It was a special moment when our Italian colleague, Mattia Carotto, from our Italian production facility joined us. This underlined the strong bond and long-standing friendship between the Italian production site and our German headquarter in Wetter.

“ABUS Factory Racing's” journey through the Dolomites wasn't just a test of our GameChanger 2.0; it was a testament to our dedication, unity, and unwavering commitment to excellence.

ABUS was founded in 1924 as a family business and is still managed by the founding family. Today, the fifth generation is already in the saddle - not only in the company, but also in road cycling. During the "Tour de Friends 2022" through the Dolomites, family members and ABUS colleagues shared joy and sorrow: On 500 kilometers peppered with thousands of meters of altitude, winding descents and maximum gradients, they experienced the extremes of cycling in a self-test.

Always there: the ABUS PowerDome - of course "Made in Italy".

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