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A burglary is attempted every two minutes in Germany, with over a third of these attempts actually remaining only attempts. The most important reason for this: mechanical burglary protection. The additional elements effectively increase the burglary protection of your own four walls - doors and windows, for example, can no longer simply be prised open.

If an intruder is not successful after a few moments, he prefers to move on.
We have compiled important tips and information about burglary protection for your home.


The best protection against burglary is a combination of various security measures, mechanical and electronic product solutions and vigilance. Be aware of potential dangers and take preventative measures. Our 10 top tips for more burglary protection will help you do this.


  • Secure doors: Fit doors with high-quality cylinder systems, security locks and a peephole. Consider door chains or armoured bolts as additional security measures.


  • Window security: Use sturdy window frames and locks. Additional window locks or window bars can also be helpful.


  • Outdoor lighting: Well-lit entrance areas and courtyards create visibility and deter burglars. Motion sensors for outdoor lighting are a good choice.


  • Alarm system: Invest in a reliable alarm system that monitors doors, windows and movements. It can call for help in an emergency. Cameras can also act as a deterrent and provide valuable evidence in the event of a crime.


  • Visible deterrent: Display your security measures with alarm system stickers, signs or visible cameras to deter potential burglars.


  • Window and door locks: Use high-quality locks on all entrances and side doors and make sure they are always locked.


  • Neighbourhood relationship: Build good relationships with your neighbours so that they can look after your home when you are not there.


  • Conceal valuables: Keep valuable items out of sight of windows to avoid providing an incentive for thieves. Store valuables in a secure hiding place, safe deposit box or safe.


  • Holiday planning: When you are away, make your home look lived in – for example, not letting the post pile up and having a trusted person visit regularly.


  • Window locking systems: Think about using window locks that allow you to secure windows in the tilted position - combining fresh air supply, burglary protection and child safety.

Door security against uninvited guests.
To protect your door and therefore your home and family against burglary, you should invest in the security of your door. With additional door security devices - such as a good locking cylinder - as well as the basic elements, you can effectively increase your security.

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How do most burglars break into detached houses? Through windows and patio doors. Our recommendation: make sure you secure them.

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