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Smart Home Competence Centre Fellbach State of the art technology

The Smart Home Competence Centre has more than 1200 visitors every year. Access is via the wAppLoxx system without the need for a key.

challenge and solution

  • Smart Home Competence Centre in the show house park in Fellbach, Baden-Württemberg, near Stuttgart
  • Exhibition building equipped with versatile ABUS building technology
  • Tours available Wednesdays to Sundays from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., more information at
  • Every year, around 1,200 visitors travel up to 800 kilometres to visit the Smart Home Competence Centre
  • Devices from renowned manufacturers such as ABUS networked perfectly with each other 
  • Highly complex application scenarios with intuitive operation
  • Intelligent wAppLoxx lock cylinder from ABUS opens the front door for the homeowner - without the use of a key
  • wAppLoxx lock cylinder opens the front door - At the same time, the Secvest Touch wireless alarm system switches off automatically in the background, the lights go on and your favourite music starts on the hi-fi system
  • "Our company, Corvus Solutions, aims to engage customers in an inspiring new lifestyle by showing them the true experience of a smart home that outshines anything they have seen before", says ‘homeowner’ and managing director of Corvus Solutions Nataša Rajić

the Smart Home Competence Centre in Fellbach, Germany

ABUS is the most highly valued brand when it comes to smart home matters, according to a recent FOCUS MONEY study (issue 27/2018). Why? You can find out in person at the Smart Home Competence Centre in Fellbach, Baden-Württemberg, from 11 am to 6 pm, Wednesdays to Sundays – even though ‘homeowner’ Nataša Rajić, the Managing Director of Corvus Solutions, won’t actually be at home. That’s because she can open up the show home to visitors remotely thanks to the integrated ABUS building technology.

All important products from one source ©ABUS
All important products from one source This gives you cost advantages in purchasing, installation and service, simple expansion and combination options and, with our partner, an expert who understands your individual security concept.
Award-winning ABUS brand ©ABUS
Excellent ABUS brand Our products enjoy a global reputation, are awarded prizes and receive the most important certificates, such as VdS and VSÖ. By installing tested quality products, a reduction in insurance premiums is therefore also possible - ask your contact person at your insurance company.
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Unrestricted data security ABUS products meet the highest standards in terms of data security so that only authorised persons have access to them.

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