One Truth Bros -  Zurich

Colourful dogs with long rows of white teeth or white dogs with yellow crowns and red hearts over their heads, sometimes dripping drool, sometimes with spiky leg hair and big eyes, look down from the wall with simple, sorrowful expressions. These crazy four-legged friends have become the trademark of the artist duo One Truth Bros in the street art scene.

The art of the two self-taught artists got its start in Zurich's underground scene. The elder of the siblings, Pase, started doing illegal graffiti here in Switzerland in 1998. Later he took his brother with him. Together they developed their own style and made the leap from the underground into the light of the world stage.

"Do what you love!"

They started out by making Zurich colourful, but soon their works could be seen in Berlin, Gothenburg, Chicago and other cities. The One Truth Bros are also creative for global players in business and sport; they are represented in galleries and at auctions.

But they have not lost sight of Zurich: This is their studio, where they make art and where they get involved in social projects. You are also welcome to visit their studio by appointment.

 "Do what you love," Pase reveals, is one of the core messages of the One Truth Bros. Both brothers seem to do what they love. They complement each other in their art with spray cans and acrylic paint.

Gone to the Dogs

Pase puts calligraphy, abstract backgrounds and dogs on paper, walls and other objects. Sometimes letters and background blend together, as the Love your Life mural in Schweighofstrasse in Zurich impressively shows.

Dr. Drax creates the One Truth Dogs described at the beginning and other colourful, sometimes gloomy monsters that waver between cuddly and deliberately shapeless.

The brothers' art often has a strong connection to their own lives. There are beautiful, sad, funny and scary things to discover in their works. But what is striking about the One Truth Dogs is that they are, above all, lovable. Dogs are a matter of the heart for Pase and Dr. Drax, especially their own four-legged friends Brownie and Ginger.

One Truth Dogs on the ABUS Helmet

According to the One Truth Brothers, bikes are a very popular means of transport in Zurich; there are also many dog owners in the city and street dogs are part of the picture as well. So one thing leads to another.

For the City Vibes project, the artists painted our ABUS Skurb bike helmet with a number of their four-legged One Truth Dogs: with a bobble hat and padlock on the collar, with a bike tattoo and little cartoon bones. The whole thing in classic black and white, because that always works, but it’s still "freaky" - thanks to the dogs!

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