Universal and safe: This door fitting protects right- or left-opening flat doors with a door thickness of 37 to 47 millimetres against break-in attempts.

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Protect your flat door against burglars with this door fitting.
On flat doors, the door cylinder often protrudes slightly. A weak point that burglars exploit to break into homes without permission. Your flat door can also fall victim to this method. Unless you secure them with a reliable door fitting. This compact door hardware is suitable for universal use on flat doors with a door thickness of 37 to 47 millimetres, regardless of whether they are right-hand or left-hand closing. The layered construction of several steel plates makes it particularly safe. A steel insert in the handle provides high tear-off protection. Hardened and tempered special screws and extra-long steel cams secure against violent break-off attempts.


  • Certified according to DIN EN 1906 SK 2 and DIN 18 257 ES, VdS approved
  • Short cover plate
  • Maximum resistance due to the layer construction: several bottom plates for maximum protection
  • High impact resistance: extra long steel cams, complete with tempered special screws
  • An additional steel inset provides extra strong leverage/tear-off resistance
  • Grip plate adjustable to DIN left and right doors
  • Spacing: 72 mm, square bolt: 8 mm

Operation and use

  • For apartment doors
  • Suitable for rebated and flush doors, left and right opening
  • Grip plate outside, handle inside
  • Suitable for door thicknesses of 37 - 47 mm
  • Mounting material for deviating door thicknesses can be supplied


  • Finishes: F1 (alu anodized), F2 (silver anodized)
  • Alternatively available as a handle/handle set


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Disposal & labelling of packaging
colour: F1: Aluminum Nature
Interchangeable fitting: Yes
Door fitting for fire doors: No
Door type: Apartment door
Security Level Home Security: 6
Cylinder protrusion: 12 mm
Beidseitig Drücker: No
pulling protection: No
Weight: 865 g
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